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The Life of Your Success: How to Grow Winning Teams and Organizations

In the world of work today, things are changing at hyper-speed. Companies are trying to figure out how to handle teams that work from a distance, especially after COVID-19 shook things up. They're also trying to ensure everyone feels welcome and valued, which means moving away from the boss-in-charge way of doing things to a more decentralized management approach. Quickly adapting is the new reality. This calls for a new way of making teams work together smoothly, ready for whatever comes next, and making sure everyone feels included.

Navigating the Storm: Strategic Approaches to Executive Conflict

Business conflicts are like storms on the horizon—inevitable but perhaps manageable with the right approach. Executive-level disputes, however, are not just any storm; they are Category 5 hurricanes that can upend operations and leave a path of long-term devastation if not addressed.

The People Dividend Podcast

Hosted by Mike Horne, The Authentic Change Podcast features founders who share their insights on authentic leadership. Tune in to learn from successful journeys and apply their wisdom to your own path.

Integrity by Design: Working and Living Authentically

Integrity by Design: Working and Living Authentically" by Mike Horne provides a blueprint for authentic leadership and organizational change, emphasizing that prosperity begins with a life designed with integrity.

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