Transforming Careers,
Energizing Leadership,
Boosting Team and Organizational Success
with Mike Horne

I'm Mike Horne, your executive coach. I empower leaders and organizations to tap into the true potential of their most valuable asset - people.

How I Can Help You: Customized Solutions Suited to Your Needs

I am dedicated to delivering customized, outcome-focused Executive Development and Organization Development solutions that cater specifically to your needs. My approaches empower you with the essential tools and insights to enrich your professional growth and attain tangible achievements. My areas of proficiency encompass:

Who I Serve

I work collaboratively with a range of diverse professionals, recognizing that each person is on a unique journey toward their personal and professional aspirations. I offer my services to the following audiences:

C-Suite Executives

Whether you're aspiring to reach or are already navigating the challenges of a C-suite position, there's always room for growth and improvement. Let's elevate your leadership skills, enhance your strategic decision-making, and accelerate your impact on the organization. As your trusted partner, I'm here to cultivate your inherent potential and assist you in making an even greater difference.

Aspiring Leaders and Decision-Makers

Enhance your potential, decision-making prowess, and strategic foresight as an up-and-coming leader. My expertise lies in transforming your leadership skills into a distinctive edge, enabling you.

Founders and Entrepreneurs

Confronting the complexities of organizational expansion demands both assurance and strategic insight. I coach founders and entrepreneurs, providing direction and assistance as they progress. Together, we concentrate on cultivating a driven team, maintaining a balance between adaptability and constancy, and using leadership strategies to ensure personal and organizational growth.

Groups and Teams

Promote teamwork, unity, and superior group performance, catapulting collective efforts to extraordinary levels. Teams that perform at their peak are the mainstay of any thriving organization.

Step By Step - How We Do It Together


Discovery and Exploration

We begin by understanding your present circumstances and desired goals. The journey involves a curious mindset, engaging in thoughtful inquiry, and exploring the obstacles as well as the potential pathways that pave the way to superior outcomes.


Strategic Proposal and Plan

Based on our discoveries, we craft a tailored, strategic plan that outlines the path to your goals. This proposal will include actionable steps and strategies designed to overcome obstacles and leverage opportunities, providing you with a clear roadmap to success.


Synchronization and Goal Refinement

In this phase, we align our plan with your vision and objectives, refining goals as necessary to ensure they're both ambitious and achievable. We fine-tune the strategy to make certain it's perfectly suited to your needs and circumstances.


Project Initiation

With a solid plan in place, we kick off the journey towards your goals. This is where the real transformation begins, as we put our strategies into action and start making tangible strides towards your professional advancement.

Why Choose Mike Horne?

I am a catalyst for transformative change within executives, groups, teams, and organizations. I work with leaders to uncover unexplored potential and possibilities, always prioritizing authenticity as a cornerstone of my work.

My mission is to empower leaders, boosting the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations. By blending competence with courage, calmness, and confidence, my aim is to assist you in achieving your objectives with strategic intent and rigor.

My expertise and guidance have consistently helped leaders to excel, cultivate team success, and propel their organizations forward. Let's explore some notable milestones from my professional journey:

Years of Experience
Fortune 500 Companies
Board of Director's Work

Client Stories and Successes

The best way to understand the transformative power of my coaching is through the experiences and accomplishments of those I've supported. These are real stories of real people who have achieved real success.

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Ready to Elevate Your Success?

Are you ready to move forward into a future of greater prosperity? Let's explore how I can assist you in achieving your goals. Book your free consultation today.

The People Dividend Podcast

Welcome to The People Dividend Podcast, your weekly source of enlightening talks on people and performance. Alongside expert guidance from your host, the podcast showcases discussions with leaders who graciously share their insights, strategies, and wisdom on genuine leadership and transformation. Dive into the knowledge shared by those currently carving success pathways, and explore how you can apply their wisdom on your personal journey.

Latest Insights from My Blog

Dive into my in-depth articles centered on leadership and organizational excellence. Each article is meticulously designed to offer actionable insights and strategies, empowering you to confidently navigate career and organizational hurdles. Gain the knowledge you need to propel your professional journey towards success.

The Business Case for Respect and Dignity in the Workplace

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's easy to overlook the fundamental principles of respect and dignity. However, successful leaders understand that these values are ethical imperatives and powerful levers for enhancing organizational performance. Prioritizing respect and dignity within the workplace can significantly boost employee morale, foster a positive corporate culture, and, importantly, impact the bottom line positively. This post explores the multifaceted benefits of embedding respect and dignity into the corporate ethos, offering insights for HR professionals, business owners, employees, workplace culture enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike.

Redefining Leadership for the People-Centered Workplace

In today's workplace, where the focus is increasingly on valuing and understanding the needs of everyone, the role of a leader transcends traditional boundaries. It involves inspiring, guiding, and empowering employees to achieve collective and personal goals, fostering an environment where innovation and collaboration flourish. This shifting paradigm necessitates a redefinition of leadership to align with the evolving, people-centered workplace.

Why Humanistic Values Are Now the Emerging Future of Workforce Management

A significant shift is taking place in a world increasingly shaped by automation and a drive for maximum efficiency. We are witnessing a departure from traditional productivity-focused models towards one that places humanistic values at the center of the enterprise. This change signals a reimagining of the future of work, envisioning a landscape where the well-being and individuality of employees are prominent in driving operational excellence and organizational growth.
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